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Accuracy down to the smallest detail – that is what Tooling Specialist Derksen is all about. This applies to all sorts of operations that we can perform on many types of materials. Our advanced machinery ensures accuracy to the micron. For very small, but also for larger products. Most of our employees are educated in-house and have many years of experience in this specialized segment of metalworking.   

Types of processing

Before a product can be finalized, the material must often undergo a series of operations. Tooling Specialist Derksen performs many of these operations in-house. Besides the fact that it saves a lot of time, we can keep the quality control optimized. And that enables us to sell at competitive prices. If a product has highly specialized processing needs we source it out to one of our reputable partners.

Our operations consist of:

  • Milling: Full customisation of all formats, both hardened and unhardened
  • Heat treatment: Annealing, hardening and nitriding
  • Grinding: Round, flat, optical and profile grinding, also of special materials
  • Wire EDM: With an accuracy from 1 µm
  • Sinker EDM: The production of electrodes inclusive
  • Metal Turning
  • Polishing and lapping: To any roughness desired without changing the geometry
  • Assembling: Assembling the various components into a complete product
  • Testing and debugging: The product is guaranteed to work and can be used immediately. Any changes can be applied directly.

With this wide range of operations we are capable of producing very refined and sophisticated components for various industries. Both as a manufacturer of intermediate and finished products.

Our products are subject to strict quality controls to ensure that they are within the agreed restrictions.