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The machinery that is being used in a company is often an indication of its potential. At least in the branche of industry  that we supply to. Our employees know our own machinery so well that we get more out of them than the manufacturers specify. For the processing of large numbers and types of materials we have the following machines at our disposal:

Profile grinding and plane grinding
Jung 600
Jung 500
Jung 400
Blohm planomat CNC

Optical grinding
Wasino GLS 521

Cylindrical grinding
Studer S20-2

Metal turning

Litz LU-620 (5-axis simultaneous)
Bridgeport VMC 1000
Bridgeport VMC 600
Bridgeport (conventional)

Wire EDM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Sodick SLC600G
Sodick 537
Charmill 6030 SI

Sinker EDM
Charmill Roboform 20
Charmill Form 20
Charmill Spark drilling machine

Iepco Peenmatic 750S

Roughness meter Tesa Rugosurf
Trimos Vertical 3
Wenzel XO 55
Ayonis Vision
Chunk Werth Optimus 300
Hardness tester Mitutoyo

Nabertherm 350x250x600
Snijstaal 140x250x400

Stähli Ø550
Stähli Ø380

Engraving / Marking
Laser engraving machine