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About us

Tooling Specialist Derksen is a known and reputable supllier of precision mechanical parts and tools. We focus on the high end of both the Dutch and international market for grinding and tools. Our clientele include large multinationals, but also the blacksmith shop next door. 

The three pillars on which we rely are the proof of our quality: Attention, Technology and Insight:



Our employees are our most important asset. Thanks to them we can deliver the quality you expect from us. The machines -advanced as they may be- are just tools without the experience and knowledge of our staff. They make the real difference. As a recognized training company Kenteq we dedicate ourselves to sharing our experience and knowledge with future professionals.

The products usually undergo a series of operations. Our specialists work together as a team in order to ensure that each step in the manufacturing process is properly implemented to deliver a perfect product - literally.

Attention to perfection, attention to technique and attention for our employees ensures the highest standard. This way, we can meet your expectations. Every time.



The market for fine mechanical parts is constantly evolving. New materials, new techniques, new equipment and new applications. That is our daily challenge. Tooling Specialist Derksen is one of the most innovative companies in the industry today. To keep it that way, we are always investing in people, machinery and software to stay up to date



Our talent for solving problems is an aspect we are very proud of. The most complex projects are the biggest challenge. These require technical knowledge, experience and creativity. With 3D engineering we develop tools that meet the highest demands. The knowledge about our machinery is so great that we get more out of them than even the manufacturers specify. That too is a proof of our quality.