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3D Engineering

Product development is the core business of Tooling Specialist Derksen. With the help of advanced 3D software and a well-trained staff we can design every product you might want. And then produce it ourselves too. The 3D software enables us to visualize the product from an early stage, make complex calculations and prepare it for production.


Product development

Designing a fitting solution is a great challenge. Especially in the development of machine parts and tools such as molds and punches takes a lot of technical knowledge, experience and creativity. Tooling Specialist Derksen possesses these skills. Our starting point is the end product. It is our task to develop a tool that enables us to make that product. Precisely in this service lies our strenght.



Besides the development of new products we are also capable of recreating existing products. With the help of our 3D re-engineering software we can review products and production methods and improve these as required.